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This website is dedicated to the recently published book on the astronomy of the megalithic temples of Malta:

Sirius – the Star of the Maltese Temples, by Lenie Reedijk. MaletBooks 2018.


There is still much mystery associated with the Maltese megalithic temples.  One obvious question is why are there so many.  There are more than 34 still extant and 66 have been recorded. Why is there a slight shift of the orientation of their axes, no two of them exactly the same?  

In her new book Sirius – the Star of the Maltese Temples, Dutch author and independent researcher Lenie Reedijk offers a solution which is as surprising as it is revolutionary.

According to the astronomical dating presented in the book, the Maltese temple culture arose immediately after the last Ice Age, from ca. 9000 BC onwards, when the star Sirius became visible in all its splendour above the southern horizon at the latitude of Malta after having been absent from the Maltese sky for five thousand years. This revolutionary finding and casts a totally new light on Malta’s unique megalithic culture. As a consequence the roots of our civilisation appear in an entirely different perspective. 

 The implications are far reaching. Once freeing ourselves from the dictates of the old nineteenth century philosophies about our past, new vistas open before our eyes of a legacy we never dreamed existed. The ancient megalithic ruins that are found all over the world, but foremost in Malta, begin to speak another language, not that of primitive cave-dwellers but of primeval astronomers.

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